Live your Dreams !!

Every now and then you read stories/posts on social media that inspire you to do what you really dream of. You like them, share them and instantly relate to those stories. You feel so connected that you scream to yourself “Yes! This is exactly what I want”. This is something I always wished to do “. There lies the difference. You kept wishing for it and the other person just did it. And then you blame your luck for it. “Oh! They are really lucky. They did it”. But, my friend you can do it too. If you really want to do what you dream of doing, there is no other option but to do it. “Just do it” simple. And, when you do it, you create another inspirational story for someone else to get motivated and live his/her dream. That’s how the chain continues.

If you are scared of what others will think, you are not a true dreamer. You cannot please everyone. These are your dreams. You want to fulfil your dreams coz that will give you happiness and doing what makes you happy, makes you feel alive. So, why worry what others will think. Just live your dream.

Now, the question arises, why is there so much fuss about living your dream. Why is it so important to dream and to live for it? Coz, it gives a meaning to your existence, an aim to live for, the courage and strength to fight for it, the happiness when you achieve it and the contentment when you live it. The happiness that you get when you fulfil one of your dreams cannot be compared to anything else in this world. And, that is when you actually live!

Someone rightly said “Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five”. That’s because their dreams die, and so do they. You are alive to serve a purpose. Give your dream wings – give it what it needs to grow. Take that risk of doing what is best for you even if it is doing what is not known.

Not sure of what you are doing is right or wrong? Don’t worry. Uncertainty has its own magic. Right will make you confident; wrong will make your stronger. Everything cannot be planned. Spontaneity has its own charm. It does have the risk but then great things don’t come easy.

You can have one of those crazy dreams that can scare the hell out of others. But there’s a reason why they are scared and you are not. And, if you know the reason, you are living your dream.  😉

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