Travel to make your soul happy :)

Travel to share your experiences with the world and not just to get the maximum likes on your pictures. The stories you tell everyone about your trip should be inspiring enough to make people get up and pack their bags right away.

Travel to create memories for life. Everytime you think of the last trip you had, it should bring a smile on your face.

When you travel you get to know different people and their culture. You make friends who help you reach your destination, who become a part of your journey. These people whom you meet become important characters in your story.

Travel to explore the world. This world is so big, you cannot just spend your entire life living in one place. Travel to read the unread pages of the book called life.

Someone quoted it right ” When in doubt, travel.” Travel to get answers to the questions you have been asking yourself for so long. You should travel to know yourself, to grow as an individual. Travel to get the inner peace that you have been looking for. Travel to make your soul happy.

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