​Karma – The Unanswered Questions!!

What goes around, comes around”. “You reap what you sow“. These are the theories of Karma we all have been hearing since childhood. Good deeds will assure you a good future and bad deeds will certainly put you in trouble. This is something that has always been told to us by our elders. Some kids follow the theory just like any other belief or value instilled into them by their parents. While the others continue to be rebels and do the completely opposite. Whether to believe or not to believe in Karma is a different story. What inspired me to write this article are the questions that often bother me. Who monitors our Karma? If we are judged based on our Karma, why do innocent people suffer while the sinners enjoy? Why do good people have to live with the guilt that they must have done something wrong, that is why they are being tested? While the bad ones are fearless when hurting others.

Some people are so lucky that they get everything so easily. They are served with all the good things in life right in their plates without making any efforts. Does that mean that they have never done any wrong to anybody? Do they never make a mistake in their lives? While I see other people struggling for little things. So, as per the theory of Karma, are they criminals? The poor continue to die out of hunger while the rich becomes richer and enjoy. Does that mean every poor is suffering because of his bad Karma and every rich is enjoying his good Karma?

Since childhood, we are taught to do good to get good. I understand it is important that kids grow with such values so that they become good human beings. And, if every individual learns to do good, this world will be a better place to live. But, my questions still remain unanswered. Who is keeping an account of what all we do in our lives? And, how is it decided what a person should get based on his Karma? Why do some people suffer even when they are the nicest creatures on this earth?

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  1. Being an electronics engineer, may I try to attempt it in those terms?
    There are 3 type of electrical (and mechanical too) components- capacitive, resistive and inductive.

    A current passes through the capacitor even before a voltage gets developed across it.

    Resistor pass the current immediately on the application of voltage.

    Inductors wait for the voltage to built-up across them, before a current starts flowing across them.

    Thus, in some cases (inductive), they are enjoying the work done by their parents.

    In other cases (capacitive) their children would be enjoying the work done by them.

    While in the resistive cases they themselves enjoy the work done by them.

    Don’t get disheartened, the record is kept in the space of the universe.


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