The Dilemma…

Do you really want to quit

because you think you don’t fit? 

Or do you want to fight

because you feel you are right?


Do you want to take a chance

and give it a try?

Or have you had enough

and it makes you cry?


Listen to your heart, 

what does it say?

Does it tell you to flee

or asks you to stay?

I choose to give up because…

Giving up is not always quitting.

Sometimes, it’s accepting the reality

and moving on with it.


Giving up is not always a sign of being weak.

Sometimes, it’s being stronger 

and letting go.


Giving up is not always running away.

Sometimes, it’s standing right there 

and waiting for the storm to pass.


Giving up is not always bad.

Sometimes, it’s removing all the masks

and being who you are.