Do you really care?

Care is not a one day thing that you care today and you don’t tomorrow,
It is a lifetime promise that you make to yourself to always care for the other person no matter what.

Care is not a task to be completed,
it is a lifelong responsibility.

Care is not measurable that you care little or you care more, 
either you care or you don’t.

Care is not something to be shown off,
it is something to be felt for the other person.

How can you expect anything from someone in return when you yourself don’t really care?
Even the plants give flowers and fruits only when cared properly, else they die.

Listen to the Waterfall….

How do you feel when you see a waterfall?

Do you see your worries falling down


do you see your dreams shattering?

Do you hear the melody


all you hear is the roar of the giant waterfall?

Do you find yourself while looking at it


do you get more lost with its flow?

Do you find answers to your questions


dilemma, confusion and doubt are all you get?

Do you see hope, goals, aspirations


just disappointment, discouragement and failures?

Do you see your fear haunting you


do you see yourself prepared for the challenges?