Naini Lake, Nainital (Uttarakhand)

Nainital Lake, popularly known as Naini Lake is the major attraction of Nainital town in Uttarakhand State of India. 

“Nain” means Eyes and “Tal” means Lake. It is believed that Goddess Parvati, daughter of King Daksha had married Lord Shiva against the wish of her father. King Daksha once held a Yagna but did not invite Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati could not bear the insult and jumped into the fire and became Sati. While Goddess Parvati’s charred body was being carried to Kailash Parbat by Lord Shiva, her eyes fell into the lake. Hence, the lake got its name Nainital or Naini Lake. 

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