The Misunderstood Woman

Quitting her job or not working for any big company,
does not make her incompetent and inefficient.

Looking after her family and being a home maker,
does not make her dependent and incapable.

Not socializing, staying quiet or being an introvert,
does not make her backward or a coward.

Just because she is kind and compassionate,
does not mean she is naive and cannot see who takes her for granted.

Not being able to pursue her passions and dreams,
does not make her unambitious and purposeless.

Not knowing about her struggles, circumstances and sacrifices,
does not give us the right to judge her or question her abilities.


6 Replies to “The Misunderstood Woman”

  1. Sometimes, her circumstances & behavior of other people towards her make her behave in this way & people consider that she’s not CAPABLE enough to do these tasks!!

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