About Us

Fizzy Mind is a blog not to impress but to express.

Different thoughts may come to our mind every day. Sometimes, we hesitate to express because of the fear that others might judge us or may not understand our viewpoint. But, here at Fizzy Mind, we want to share our thoughts as much as we can. 

As the tagline says, A mind with bubbling thoughts”, our mind is actually full of thoughts that keep popping in our head all the time. Every single second, a new thought is generated in our brain. This thought may be positive, negative, meaningful or totally senseless. What is important is to understand that our thought may make us or break us depending on what we think and how wisely we execute our thoughts. 

Fizzy Mind is not just restricted to expressing yourself through writing but it encourages expression through any medium. Therefore, we also have a category called “Wandering Mind Crafts” where our members are expressing there idea of saving our environment by creating beautiful crafts from waste. Wandering Mind Crafts is an effort towards being environmentally conscious and finding happiness in simple things of life.

For any queries, please contact us at admin@fizzymind.com