The Dilemma…

Do you really want to quit

because you think you don’t fit? 

Or do you want to fight

because you feel you are right?


Do you want to take a chance

and give it a try?

Or have you had enough

and it makes you cry?


Listen to your heart, 

what does it say?

Does it tell you to flee

or asks you to stay?

I choose to give up because…

Giving up is not always quitting.

Sometimes, it’s accepting the reality

and moving on with it.


Giving up is not always a sign of being weak.

Sometimes, it’s being stronger 

and letting go.


Giving up is not always running away.

Sometimes, it’s standing right there 

and waiting for the storm to pass.


Giving up is not always bad.

Sometimes, it’s removing all the masks

and being who you are.

​Karma – The Unanswered Questions!!

What goes around, comes around”. “You reap what you sow“. These are the theories of Karma we all have been hearing since childhood. Good deeds will assure you a good future and bad deeds will certainly put you in trouble. This is something that has always been told to us by our elders. Some kids follow the theory just like any other belief or value instilled into them by their parents. While the others continue to be rebels and do the completely opposite. Whether to believe or not to believe in Karma is a different story. What inspired me to write this article are the questions that often bother me. Who monitors our Karma? If we are judged based on our Karma, why do innocent people suffer while the sinners enjoy? Why do good people have to live with the guilt that they must have done something wrong, that is why they are being tested? While the bad ones are fearless when hurting others.

Some people are so lucky that they get everything so easily. They are served with all the good things in life right in their plates without making any efforts. Does that mean that they have never done any wrong to anybody? Do they never make a mistake in their lives? While I see other people struggling for little things. So, as per the theory of Karma, are they criminals? The poor continue to die out of hunger while the rich becomes richer and enjoy. Does that mean every poor is suffering because of his bad Karma and every rich is enjoying his good Karma?

Since childhood, we are taught to do good to get good. I understand it is important that kids grow with such values so that they become good human beings. And, if every individual learns to do good, this world will be a better place to live. But, my questions still remain unanswered. Who is keeping an account of what all we do in our lives? And, how is it decided what a person should get based on his Karma? Why do some people suffer even when they are the nicest creatures on this earth?

Happiness :)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Happiness”? A Salary hike, an unexpected promotion, a shopping festival, a big car, a big house, an exotic holiday or partying with friends? Ask a 5 years old and may be talking about his favourite toy or a box full of chocolates will bring a smile on his face. For a teenager, happiness can be talking to his/her crush for the first time. For grandparents, playing with their grandchildren brings a smile on their faces. Does that mean happiness has to be categorised age wise? No, even two same aged group persons can have different definitions of happiness. A poor man may feel happy when he is able to make ends meet while a rich may feel happy on living life king size. Again, does that imply that happiness depends on your financial status. No, then what really defines “Happiness” ?

Happiness as defined by some is the state of being happy. True, but how do we reach that state? Do we really need to make an effort to achieve happiness? Not really, I guess. Because happiness has to be felt and it is something that comes naturally. When you are truly happy, everybody can see it on your face. Your smile will be broader, laughter louder, mind calmer, heartbeat faster, eyes brighter and soul purer.

Another aspect of happiness is contentment. Happiness and contentment are strongly related.Whatever contents you will definitely make you happy and whatever makes you happy should content you. All the material possessions may give you momentary happiness but will not content you completely. Because, once you get something, you will run after something else that may have a higher monetary value and that race will never end. This will take away all your peace of mind and what you will be left with are just material possessions. Talking about all this does not indicate that we do not need money or other material possessions. But all we really need to do is to stop running after the things, sit back, relax and appreciate the little things in life. Spend time with your family, meet your old friends, travel to a place where you always wanted to go, pursue a hobby, listen to your favourite music, dance like nobody is watching you, feel the rain drops on your face, listen to birds chirping in the morning, take out sometime for yourself and do what you love to do the most and above all create memories everyday so that you can cherish them later and feel happy about them.

Do not push yourself too hard to get something that you lose everything else in the process and when you actually get it there’s no one else to share your happiness with.

Also, neither do we need to wait for the right moment to be happy nor do we need to look for a reason to be happy. If we keep on waiting for the right moment or a reason to rejoice, we will keep delaying our happiness forever and may never get it. Because neither time waits for anybody nor does the happiness.

In the end, all I can say is that there may be different definitions of Happiness depending on how people perceive it. But, one thing is certain that Happiness is not a goal to be achieved, it is definitely not just an item in your ” To do list”. Rather, it is one of the basic needs of your life. It is as important as the air you breathe. Happiness is all that you need to lead a good life.

Live your Dreams !!

Every now and then you read stories/posts on social media that inspire you to do what you really dream of. You like them, share them and instantly relate to those stories. You feel so connected that you scream to yourself “Yes! This is exactly what I want”. This is something I always wished to do “. There lies the difference. You kept wishing for it and the other person just did it. And then you blame your luck for it. “Oh! They are really lucky. They did it”. But, my friend you can do it too. If you really want to do what you dream of doing, there is no other option but to do it. “Just do it” simple. And, when you do it, you create another inspirational story for someone else to get motivated and live his/her dream. That’s how the chain continues.

If you are scared of what others will think, you are not a true dreamer. You cannot please everyone. These are your dreams. You want to fulfil your dreams coz that will give you happiness and doing what makes you happy, makes you feel alive. So, why worry what others will think. Just live your dream.

Now, the question arises, why is there so much fuss about living your dream. Why is it so important to dream and to live for it? Coz, it gives a meaning to your existence, an aim to live for, the courage and strength to fight for it, the happiness when you achieve it and the contentment when you live it. The happiness that you get when you fulfil one of your dreams cannot be compared to anything else in this world. And, that is when you actually live!

Someone rightly said “Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five”. That’s because their dreams die, and so do they. You are alive to serve a purpose. Give your dream wings – give it what it needs to grow. Take that risk of doing what is best for you even if it is doing what is not known.

Not sure of what you are doing is right or wrong? Don’t worry. Uncertainty has its own magic. Right will make you confident; wrong will make your stronger. Everything cannot be planned. Spontaneity has its own charm. It does have the risk but then great things don’t come easy.

You can have one of those crazy dreams that can scare the hell out of others. But there’s a reason why they are scared and you are not. And, if you know the reason, you are living your dream.  😉

Travel to make your soul happy :)

Travel to share your experiences with the world and not just to get the maximum likes on your pictures. The stories you tell everyone about your trip should be inspiring enough to make people get up and pack their bags right away.

Travel to create memories for life. Everytime you think of the last trip you had, it should bring a smile on your face.

When you travel you get to know different people and their culture. You make friends who help you reach your destination, who become a part of your journey. These people whom you meet become important characters in your story.

Travel to explore the world. This world is so big, you cannot just spend your entire life living in one place. Travel to read the unread pages of the book called life.

Someone quoted it right ” When in doubt, travel.” Travel to get answers to the questions you have been asking yourself for so long. You should travel to know yourself, to grow as an individual. Travel to get the inner peace that you have been looking for. Travel to make your soul happy.